Hand Rejuvenation

Do your hands give away your age?

An effective skin care regimen, makeup, and facial cosmetic procedures can help your face look years younger. But, the wrinkly skin, prominent veins, and dark spots on the back of your hands will always give away your age. In fact, hands age more rapidly than your face or other parts of your body.

What does Hand Rejuvenation do?

With age, our skin thins and grows less elastic, hands lose fat, and collagen production slows. Wrinkles and age spots appear and hands get a ‘sunken’ look. As the skin thins, tendons and veins become more prominent. In short, as we age, our hands begin to look old.

Thankfully, many different techniques in hand rejuvenation now allow plastic surgeons to reverse these signs of aging.

Hand Rejuvenation Treatments and Procedures

A wide variety of treatment options are available for rejuvenating your hands. Each of these possesses its own risks, benefits, and costs.

IPL is a highly effective, non-invasive method for treating spots and discolorations on the hands. During an IPL session a specially constructed hand piece is placed directly over the treatment area while light waves are emitted. After a series of treatments the blemishes on the skin will fade and disappear.

Similar to IPL procedure, laser therapy is used to treat spots, discolorations and other imperfections of the skin on the back of the hands. During the laser procedure, a wand is passed over your skin and the resurfacing laser emits a very brief pulse of high intensity light. This process slightly damages the very top layer of the skin. As this top layer heals, healthier, younger looking skin emerges.

Dermal fillers, such as FDA- approved Radiesse, are injected beneath the skin to replenish volume and return the slight plumpness to the back of the hands. Dermal fillers raise the skin level so that tendons, joints and veins lose their prominence. These fillers provide instant, durable, long lasting rejuvenation for aging hands.

This treatment is used to treat fine wrinkles, skin discoloration, sun damage or age spots. During a peel, a chemical solution is applied to the hands with a sponge, brush, cotton pad, or swab. The solution is allowed to remain on the skin for a precise period of time before it’s washed off or ‘neutralized’. The chemical peel removes surface wrinkles, spots and discolorations.

During a fat grafting procedure your own naturally occurring fatty tissue is taken from an area of your body that has some to spare. This accumulated fat is then processed and injected into the backs of your hands. The result is an increase in volume, covering underlying vessels and tendons, and improving the overall quality of the skin.

This hand rejuvenation option is effective for the treatment of protruding veins. During a sclerotherapy session a special chemical solution is injected into the vein with a very small needle. The vein turns white and gradually disappears from view. The patient will feel a small amount of discomfort during treatment.

Dynamic Duo (D²) Hand Lift

Of all the available hand rejuvenation treatment protocols, our most popular is a combination of Radiesse Filler and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). This “Dynamic Duo” when used together are a powerhouse for hand rejuvenation.

One of the two most visible signs of aging on the hands is the appearance of tendons, joints, and veins that comes about from lack of volume beneath the skin.

The other extremely visible sign of aging that appears on the hands are liver spots and age spots. These imperfections are treated with Intense Pulsed Light, the second member of our Dynamic Duo. After just a few IPL treatments spots and blemishes on the backs of the hands begin to fade and disappear.

Together, our “Dynamic Duo” of Radiesse filler and Intense Pulsed Light will give you smoother, younger-looking hands, and a handlift.

If you’re tired of letting your hands reveal your age, come in and talk with us about the right hand rejuvenation procedures for you.